Thursday, May 19, 2011

By Javi Covarrubias

met her in my Loworld
circle of circles
one of the she devil girls
super close to her owners soulmate
old pal.... playmates
since their ages
were a grade....
old friend of friends
new friends made.....
from carshows to cafes
she carries an assortment
frankie from the show
franchesca from East LA..
she's also my agent... Lady F.H.
or call her by my fav a k a...
Esa frankie fresh all day
all business
puro play
from the WB
to PCH
see her moving in three hundred fifty seven ways
she's on her game
powered by delilahs and those beautiful moon...rays
Franks the real deal
ask me ?
and i'll say
she's lived there done that
reality or screen play
there's nothing fake
about her sway
she talks and rocks
in expensive socks
but she never forgot
where she learned to walk
so Cal's lil Valley's steep streets
East Los deadly blocks...
she knows the time
just listen and watch.....

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